Credit Card Debt Snowball Calculator – Helps Eliminate & Reduce Debt
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If you are facing a tough time paying off your loans or credit card debt, a Snowball Debt Calculator can really come handy in speeding your credit card debt payoffs via rollover method. Without a doubt, it is one of the trusted and fast ways of getting out of credit card debt. As and when the first debt gets paid off, you can use the free-up payment for making the payment for next debt even faster. Follow the same process until you have paid off all your debts.

Debt snowball calculator excel free download

Credit Card Debt Snowball Calculator

While using a snowball debt reduction calculator, you will need to enter some information on the basis of which you will receive the calculated amount. Towards the left side, in the first block you need to enter the number of creditors, let us say 5, then comes your total debt, and in the third row you need to enter the amount applied to debt each month. This is followed by the extra monthly amount that you want to be applied to the debt and lastly extra-one time amount to throw at the debt. Once you have filled all these columns, all you need is to process the button of Calculate to get the calculated amount associated to your debts. Yes, it is that simple.


Snowball Debt Calculator – Free Download Excel

Snowball Plan For Debt Reduction

Let us get to know what the fuss about the Snowball Plan is. Using this plan, paying off your debt becomes easy and you pay off your debt from the smallest to the largest. Are you wondering why the smallest in the first place? Well this is because you get to see your debts getting paid off slowly offering you joy and a feeling of satisfaction, above all it also inspires you to keep trying and paying all your debts.

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Debt Snowball method

Debt Snowball method is unlike Debt Avalanche. As per Debt Avalanche, high priority is given to the debts with high interest rates. These two methods depend on your nature as well. If you want short-term jubilation to inspire you, then go for Snowball method, but on the other hand if you can wait and have lots of patience then Avalanche method is for you. There is one main disadvantage of Avalanche method i.e. you get to pay higher interest rate.

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